99 Problems but an Itch Ain’t One

Top 5 Common Pet Problems and the Clever Products to help resolve them

When our little furry companions have problems with their health or their environment, it’s good to know that we may be able to help alleviate their troubles with a simple and cost-effective solution. Sometimes it’s simply being an informed doggy-parent and knowing the insider tips that makes all the difference. Read on and hopefully you will discover something new that could add to you and your pet’s quality of life.  

Problem # 1 - Bothersome Bugs & Troublesome Ticks

Our lucky little cool pupper above is laughing as he’s protected by Insect Shield, the clever range of safe and effective flea-repellent garments & accessories stocked at Pet & Country. Flea-fighting oils within the garments’ fabric are impossible to remove, odourless and safe for all the family, even babies, and repels those pesky insects to keep your dog or cat happy and comfortable through the warmer months. Slip on a tidy vest, kooky bandanna or smart gaitor for easy, cute & cost-effective protection for your pet and peace of mind for you. Other items in the range include a fleece blanket for summer garden-lounging, comfy beds, high-viz safety vest (double protection whammy!), car seat and car boot covers and even a playpen, all made from the Insect Shield fabric. I swear by them for my two dogs during balmy evening forest walks and I’ve worn the bandanna myself to keep those mischievous midges at bay. And here’s the photographic evidence of Heidi & Tessa (bellow) kitted out on their forest walk. Ain’t no itches bothering these two!

Problem # 2 - Lawn Burn

I wasn’t aware of the term ‘Lawn Burn‘ or what it was until I began to work at Pet & Country. I had noticed that my two little dogs widdle all over the garden and that since moving to our new home one year ago the grass has yellowed considerably.  I had put it down to poor quality soil but now all is clear! I have learned that the high pH of my dogs’ urine has damage the grass, hence the term ‘Lawn Burn‘.

Solution –Vet IQ Green-Um Lawn Burn Solution tablets for dogs

By feeding a dog Green-Um, the pH of their urine should fall within a level that doesn’t burn your lawn that yellowed grass hue. It contains no chemicals, colour additives and preservatives and does not alter urinary pH or has any effect on kidney function. A totally natural product, they can be given to your dog on a regular basis and will help keep your garden lush and thriving.  They are currently available in packs of 100 and 175. Shop the full range of Pet & Country Pet Supplements HERE.

Problem #3 - Anxious Pet?

When your dog is anxious it makes everything more difficult. My rescue dog has a tendency to suffer from extreme anxiety and it can make her distressed during walks, meeting other dogs (or humans, or trees…) and I hate to see her working herself up into a sweaty mess. 

A chat with your vet is a good idea if your pet’s anxiety is becoming problematic, but there are a variety of ways of treating the anxiety at home.

Designed specifically with jittery pups in mind, the KONG® Anxiety-Reducing Shirt features a snug-fitting wrap-around design and a lavender sachet to help provide relief. It’s great for soothing dogs during long car rides, thunderstorms, or for times of separation anxiety.


I have not road tested this particular brand of anxiety reducing shirt on my dogs but I did try another brand based on a similar concept and it made a remarkable difference straight away. In fact I took my two dogs, who previously made enormous scenes on contact with any life form, for an evening stroll on a busy promenade and although there were a few barks, the mortification-inducing meltdowns they previously displayed were nowhere to be seen. I like to think that the anxiety shirt felt like a long-lasting, comforting hug to them that soothed their worries away.


Pet & Country also stock the VET-IQ Serene-Um range includes Calming Drops, Calming Tablets and Xtra Calming Tablets. A natural food supplement, they induce calmness and soothe hyperactive and/or nervous dogs. They help your pet remain calm during periods of stress and anxiety, without having a sedative effect. 

Recommended especially for:

Bad Behaviour


Separation Anxiety


Travel/Car Sickness

Excessive Barking

Lintbells YuCALM Dog is a triple action natural calming supplement for dogs. As well as reducing anxiety and extreme reactions to calm your dog, it is described as having the ability to ‘unlock chemicals in the brain to support your dog to feel happy and playful.’ If your dog is especially anxious, a combination of both the KONG shirt and the drops or tablets could increase the chances of soothing your little one’s nerves. 


Problem # 4 - My Kitty Hates Water!

Bathing a cat can be challenging, if your kitty needs a freshen up but would prefer not to be immersed or soaked to the skin, we have a solution to this common problem.


The clever water-free Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic Cat Foam ensures a gentle kitty-cleanse without the hassles inherent to traditional water-based bathing. Yay! Be gone, smellycat!

Problem # 5 - Smelly Pet Breath!

We all love cuddle-time with our pets but anyone who has gotten that close has had that moment, you know, when you stop breathing in shock that your adorable and fragrant little companion can unleash such oral horror on you when they come close to give you all those loving kisses. 

Well now you can breathe again! The Tropiclean Pet Oral Hygiene range stops stinky breath in its tracks. The Water Additive Range, when added to your pet’s daily water supply, cleans teeth, freshens breath and promotes complete pet wellness. (There are both dog and cat-specific water additives within the range). Daily oral hygiene is essential to pet health. Without it, 70% of dogs and cats will start showing signs of periodontal disease by age three. When left untreated, oral disease can lead to serious health problems affecting the heart, lungs, kidney and other major organs. This is an easy and cost effective to work oral hygiene into your pet’s daily routine. Simple!

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