A walk a day helps keep the vet at bay

A walk a day helps keeps the vet at bay!

We are all guilty with having a little too much turkey over festive period and our dogs having a few too many treats it’s time for us all to get back into shape. 

 Exercise and walking should be an essential part of your dog’s daily routine, but over Christmas it can sometimes be over looked with everything that is going on. However, with the New Year we can all begin fresh and start getting back to normality. 

 Walking is highly important for us and it is great for your dog. It is recommended that we walk our dogs twice a day for at least fifteen minutes although, this does all depend on your dog’s breed and size. Walking keeps them mentally stimulated, exercises them, and can help with training. Dogs love getting the opportunity to get outside and explore new scents, learn lots of new sounds and meet new people.


 Pet & Country online and in-store have lots of dog walking accessories that are essential  for when you are out walking your dog this January and I have picked out my top 5. 

1. Leads

The type of lead you use is an important part for your walk. A good option is the Rogz control lead which is a good way of keeping your dog under control. This lead which features a shock absorbing element for comfortable walks, both for you and your pet. 

2. Harness

There are a range of harness to suit your pooch, which helps provide them comfort on walks. This Blue Tarten Harness is one of my favourites from Urban Pup. It is a traditional design which is stylish, classy and never goes out of fashion. It is lightweight but incredibly strong. It features a breathable material for maximum air circulation that helps prevent your dog overheating and is held in place by a secure clip in action.

3. Collars

Collars are a must have for all dogs as this will carry their name tags. This blue collar by Rogz is designed with a quick release magnetic buckle, these collars ensure your dog maintains a safer escape if snagged. Also available in different colours and sizes

4. Rogz illuminated Flasher

The Rogz illuminated flasher helps to keep us safe on the road and we all need one of these. This clip flashes continuously in the dark or during misty seaside mornings whilst not interrupting serious sniffing time. RogLites can be clipped or hung onto any collarlead or harness


5. Dog Jacket

With this cold weather it is important to wrap up our dogs as well when we head out. This stylish Barbour jacket is a  hardy waxed version of our classic dog coat in Barbour olive with classic tartan cotton lining. This coat Features a velcro under body fastening strap to make it secure and handy for those unexpected showers.

Now you and your dog is ready for a New Year with plenty of walks and exercise and you must not forget that “a walk a day helps keeps the vet at bay”. 

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