Beat Black Friday 2018

You don’t have to go out and wrestle over a TV to get the best out of Black Friday. Leave out the stress and enjoy all the rewards from the comfort of your computer screens. Here’s our tips to cruising through the chaos of Black Friday Discounts. 


The Pet & Country’s Black Friday event officially Kicks off at 1am on Friday 23rd of November, finishing at midnight on Monday 26th November. So don’t miss out on some of our biggest discounts to date on our always fabulous brands including Joules, Hunter, Lighthouse and so much more. 

Survival Tips

  • Do your research! – Follow your favourites on their social media or sign up to their Mailing list to get the latest scoop on their discounts and offers over Black Friday and beyond. Follow to Pet & Country’s  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now.
  •  Create an account – Streamline your check-out by creating an account and adding all your details and addresses so they’re ready to go before you shop.
  • The early bird catches the worm – The most successful shoppers of Black Friday 2017 were logged in and ready to rock as soon as discounts commenced. Set your alarms and get ahead of the crowd at Pet & Country at 1am Friday morning
  • Bookmark your must haves – Use your bookmarks so you don’t waste time finding your favourites during precious shopping time. 
  • Charge up! – The early rise might have you drained but make sure your devices are on full battery to avoid a chaotic scramble for the charger. For those on the go, grab a portable phone charger.
  •  Grab a cuppa – You’ll need the caffeine and something to nervously sip during those dreaded loading pages. 
  • Prep your excuses – No need to go ninja hiding those deliveries from your other half when you can fully justify your purchases.
    1. ‘This is our big shop for the year, if we waited we’d be paying twice as much’.
    2. ‘That’s Christmas sorted now, you’ll be glad when we’re relaxing instead of sulking around busy shops.’
    3. Or my personal favourite ‘Ok, I spent this much, but look at how much I saved us!

If you can’t wait until Black Friday, check out Pet & Country’s current sale rail and monthly offers.

Can you hack the system?

So, we’re not going to give away our Black Friday offers just yet.. buttt. If you think of yourself as a code breaker or know someone who does, you might get a sneak peak into some of our highest discount from the clues below. Challenge accepted?

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