Bright at Night

As the locals say, ‘there’s been a grand stretch in the evenings’ since the clocks changed last weekend. And as pet owners this brings with it a new set of worries and things to consider when taking your dog for a walk.  We all lead busy lives, often walking our dogs early in the morning or late in the evenings, and as winter sets in these times are becoming darker.


There are a number of precautions you can take to help keep you and your dog safe this winter.

Be Visible

Bring your phone BUT Leave Your Headphones at home

While we do not recommend that you bring your phone to scroll through Facebook or shop the Pet & Country Website while walking in the dark, it is handy to have if you need to call for assistance if you happen to have a fall, or your dog stands on something unpleasant injuring their paw.  


Likewise, wearing headphones and blasting your favourite tunes from Spotify (other music platforms available!) will distract you from any possible dangers, so should be avoided, allowing you to concentrate on what is happening around you.


If you must have music while you are out, opt for bone conduction headphones which will allow you to be situation-aware. 

Bring a light

Bringing a light with you on walks will help you spot and navigate any potential hazards on the path in front of you, and while most people will have a torch at home, investing in a simple head torch will allow you to keep your hands free for the dog lead, poop bags and to help break your fall if you happen to slip or trip.


Adding a light, such as the Rogz Roglite to your jacket and your dog’s collar will also increase your visibility. 

Walk with a friend

Making time to see our friends can also be difficult when we are all busy.  Use your daily dog walking hour as an opportunity to catch up with your doggie friends, giving safety in numbers.

With Christmas coming up you might also treat them to a matching reflective harness to make sure their pooch is safe on the roads.

We have a range of Rogz Safety items available online and instore now.

Our brand new store can be found at 38-44 Main St, Ballymoney BT53 6AP.

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