Top 5 Dog Toys!

Apart from the obvious fun, there are so many reasons to encourage your dog to play.  It will help to keep their heart healthy, keep joints lubricated and strengthen the bond you both share!

1. The Best for Learning

Rogz Tumbler 

This brightly coloured tumbler will help stimulate both body and mind while filling their tummy. With 3 adjustable release rates for different levels of learning and feeding this toy will grow with your dog!

2. The Best Health Aware

Cool Pup Cooling Ice Cream Cone 

It looks like ice cream,  smells like ice cream and refreshes like ice cream!  This toy can be filled with water and frozen. It is fantastic for teething puppies, and in water weather when you need to ensure your dog keeps their water intake up!

3. The Best of Hygiene

Rosewood Biosafe Toys

Made from BioCote, an antimicrobial technology to prevent the growth and survival of bacteria, mould and fungi, Rosewood Biosafe Toys are more hygienic, reduce staining and odours and have a longer lifespan.

4. Best for Exercise

Rogz Pop-Ups 

Perfect for use on land and water, the unique counter-weight design with self-righting technology is what makes this unique toy land upright on flat surfaces for easy pick-up. The amphibious structure allows it to stand upright in water for easy pick-up while being highly visible in the water and completely buoyant.

5. Best Novelty

Joules Rubber Welly Dog Toy

Is your dog prone to chewing on your favourite wellies?? Save your wellies and give your dog this novelty rubber welly instead! Made to replicate the classic Joules wellington boots, these dog toys include a hidden squeaker which will keep your dog entertained for hours!

P.s Doug’s Favourite - Da Bone

Doug was given his choice of toys when he visited our Head Office recently, he picked the Rogz Da-Done’.  

He loved the challenge of searching for his treat inside!

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