Essential Tips for Your Next Walkies

Ready to shake up your worn out walking routes?


Listen up for some tips that will make sure you and your pet are getting the most out of your adventures together.    


All Walk and No Play

Sometimes walking your dog can seem like a simple part of your routine, or another chore that needs done. But for most dogs, this quality time with you means the world. So slow down and have some fun by doubling up your walks with some play time.


Bringing along a toy can keep your dog focused, so they won’t be wandering off to stop and sniff every little thing along the way. They can learn about the big wide world in a new way that keeps you two connected, as well as getting in their exercise. 

Snug as a Bug

Is there anything worse than getting caught out by the weather when you’re enjoying the outdoors? With the weather still making up its mind, you need to be prepared for rain or shine on your next walk. Pack-away waterproof coats are a lifesaving essential, and Joules offer amazing quality with the cutest dog prints and draw string waists (so you don’t have to suffer looking like you’re wearing a bin bag). 


Some dog breeds can be especially sensitive to the cold and wet, along with elderly dogs or pups. Watch out for the chill in the air and keep their tails wagging with a dog coat that can help them withstand the weather, so they can enjoy the best part of their day, care free. 


Lead the way

Choose a traditional nylon or leather lead over retractable leads for more control when it’s needed. The retractable models reward pooches for continuously tugging on their their lead with more freedom, encouraging the behaviour. However these traditional versions give a consistent amount of freedom to avoid those nasty harsh stops that can harm your pets.


Harnesses are also a great swap-out for walks. They take all that strain off your dogs neck and trachea, making the experience safer and more comfortable. Not to mention showing off their individual styles and personalities!  These ones are packed with extra clever features, like reflective lines for added safety for the coming darker evenings. 


With the warm weather sticking around in some places, it’s important to check on how your walking partner is holding up. Dogs struggle more with regulating their body temperature than we do, so having water and bowls available for them is a good idea, especially these collapsible travel bowls. Proper hydration can keep them going through longer hikes, so you can enjoy your new surroundings together for longer. 


For an added boost, smaller food pouches can be easily packed along for when you want to stop and smell the roses. The Applaws range is a great 100% natural option which is low in carbohydrates and packed full of prime cuts of meat and fish. 

Back on track

Having the space to take along all your bit and pieces is key. You’ll want to keep all your preparation efforts organised in one place. But instead juggling a shoulder or handbag, why not go for a hands free option.


Hunters original & mini backpacks are a lightweight design with comfortable padded shoulder straps that are ideal for long walks where you need to keep your hands free to explore. The waterproof feature is essential for unpredictable weather or accidental spillages.

Now that you’re fully prepared and inspired to take the road less travelled, enjoy some well earned bonding time with your bestie.


And keep an eye out for our Barbour collections expanding in the near future. You might just spot something for yourself!   

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