Fresh for Spring at Pet & Country

Spring is in the air, and fresh new stock has landed! We are loving our latest arrivals of florals and clean stripes for a new and updated wardrobe ready for the warmer season to come. Joules have outdone themselves this season with a new array of pastel colour palettes and beautifully hand-drawn prints that are sure to have you dancing in excitement for Spring!

Painted Poppies

Inspired by the 17th Century, Joules ‘Painted Poppy’ print is versatile and simply gorgeous! Displayed over a range of different colour palettes, both light and dark, you could mix and match their poppy range easily without it being too overwhelming. A beautiful fresh print with a modern twist.


Inspired by nature, Botanical has a floral fresh feel – the perfect ingredient for a new Spring wardrobe! With their infamous hand-drawn prints, the Joules team were inspired by country lanes and the exciting blooms they would find along their walks.

Whitstable Floral

Whitstable floral is inspired by the fishing town of Whitstable – and we are getting that ice-cream feeling with this colour palette! Seagulls, fresh sea blues and candy yellow are all incorporated into this unique and very pretty print!


Nothing says spring time like blossoms – and the Joules team were able to capture how they move elegantly with these stunning hand-drawn prints. Pinks are matched with gorgeous sky blues – we can just picture a wash of blossoms floating through the sky on a warm March day!

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