Introducing Edgard & Cooper

We are thrilled to introduce the latest arrival to our wide selection of dog food brands –

Edgard & Cooper!

Based in Belgium, Edgard & Cooper pride themselves in creating food recipes that are packed with goodness, not compromising on taste.

What's inside?

These foods come in a variety of sizes and flavours to best suit your dog’s requirements. One thing guaranteed is their delicious taste and nutrition, as all recipes contain:

  • Fresh meat & nutritious offal treated with care on the farm
  • Real fruit & veg providing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & fibre
  • Root vegetables – carbohydrates packed with energy and easy to digest

Not only are Edgard & Cooper experts in filling their recipes with a whole lot of goodness, they also do their bit for the environment. All packaging is biodegradable & made from recyclable materials – zero plastics!

Perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes, Edgard & Cooper have carefully created recipes to suit Puppies, Adult Dogs & Seniors. They’ve ensured your dog will get the relevant nutrients and extra boost they need whatever their age.

So take your pick from a range of delicious, fresh recipes and watch your dog gobble up their new favourite food! 

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