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I’m Nikita and I am a Sales and Customer Service Advisor for Pet and Country.


I have two chihuahuas, Thumbelina who is 8 and Nallee who is 4. I bought Thumbelina for my 18th Birthday and both girls actually came from Castlerock on the North Coast of Northern Ireland.


Nallee loves snuggling in front of the fire and watching Coronation Street (no word of a lie –  she chases the meerkats during the adverts!)


Both love dressing up in cute clothes, collars & harnesses. We love walks on the beach and playing fetch. Castlerock is their fave beach, see the pictures below to see why! They also love exploring all the forests, especiall Downhill, Portglenone and Garvagh.

Castlerock Beach – a view through the dunes

Castlerock  Beach – looking out to the Barmouth Pier during a gentle sunset

These two may be small but they have boundless energy reserves! We love long walks on the beach – especially in the grassy dunes – country and forest walks, and playing in the garden


It’s so important that we’re all safe from ticks and other biting insects, I don’t know what I do if anything happened to either of them so I make sure they’re protected when we’re out and about, all year round.


From working at Pet & Country I’ve learned that those dreaded ticks strike at all times of year and not just during the warmer months.


Pet & Country are offering 15% off any Insect Shield product until the end of August so get your protective garment while stocks last.


Here’s a couple of pics of Nallee & Thumbelina both looking awful cute in their Insect Shield Tanks on Castlerock Beach yesterday (above and below, click the pics to view the full Insect Shield range).

Outlining the danger of tick bites, former England rugby player Matt Dawson spoke on Good Morning Britain about how a tick bite resulted in serious illness over a period of 18 months, meaning that he required multiple heart surgeries.


Tick prevention for both pets and humans is a serious business as this interview illustrated.

Lyme Disease from a tick bite is a horrible, debilitating and potentially dangerous disease and, unknown to most, ticks are active all year round, not just in the warmer months.


The range of Insect Shield garments and accessories for dogs repels ticks and other biting insects reducing the likelihood of your pet contracting lyme disease.


The bandanas can be worn by you or your pet and are a cost effective way to protect you both.


Visit to view the product range and protect your pet and yourself today.

Our Summer hasn’t been great; there has been plenty of rain and Nallee & Thumbelina don’t like getting wet!


There is a lovely range of Dog Clothing at Pet & Country but I love the Urban Pup range in particular as their cute, quirky designs match my dogs’ little personalities perfectly.


I love this stylish Carnaby Polka Dot PVC Waterproof Raincoat in Pink on them both when they’re twinning! It’s available in red too.

Walking and sleeping are certainly two of Nallee and Thumbelina’s favourite pastimes. They love to cuddle in with me but when I put them to bed they are quite content. I have a lovely small plush Joules bed for Thumbelina and an Ibiyaya Pet House in Honeycomb for Nallee. However, more often than not, I’ll find them curled up together in the one bed! They have a little fleecy bed for travelling in the car too, which can be thrown into the washing machine. 

(Click the links below to shop these beds)

Above – Nallee & Thumbelina cosied up for a car journey to the beach in their comfy, fleecy bed.

 The comfort of cleanliness is very important to Thumbelina and Nallee. Being short haired they are not the most difficult to keep clean and fresh but between grooming appointments I do like to freshen them up with Earthbath Grooming Foam and Pozer Fresh Body Wipes. The foam simply rubs on and off again with a cloth to remove any grime or marks, the wipes are fantastic for when we’re out and about on our many walks and adventures, especially the muddier ones!

Their favourite treats are Whimzees, although they have tried and tested the majority of the Pet & Country Dog Treats Range and love them all! You can bulk buy these in a variety of shapes and sizes so I always have them handy when my two deserve a reward for good behaviour.

Does your pet have a favourite Pet & Country product? We’d love to hear your stories and see those pics so get sharing on our social channels below!

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