Pet & Country Clearance Sale

Pet & Country Clearance Sale

January can feel like it’s never-ending with Christmas a distant memory, the dark nights still hanging around and the weather not letting us get the kids out, cabin fever might be starting to set in!


If you’ve had enough of diets and new years resolutions and need a distraction, it’s time to check out the stock clearance event happening right now.  It’s the perfect opportunity to stock up your Spring wardrobe, and of course bring a smile to your face, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love to see the delivery driver arriving with treats?!


So if you are planning to get out and about exploring this Spring, there’s no time like the present to get organised. Whether you are visiting some of the beautiful beaches we have here on the North Coast or plan on touring the Game of Thrones locations, don’t be a victim of the good old Northern Ireland weather, make sure you have your coat!


Get the family ready now!

Little boys can be inquisitive, daring and adventurous so make sure you have them in clothes built to withstand the digging, climbing and general exploring!

Whether your little girl is exploring the rock pools, climbing trees or cartwheeling up the beach she’s sure to get herself wet or covered in dirt, but of course, she’s still a little girl and will want to look pretty!

Climbing the sand dunes, walking through the forest or finding a little country pub, dad will want to be comfortable and fashionable.

Mum, the one who has the job of keeping everyone else safe from falling in the water, and tripping over branches, not to mention cleaning up the ice cream that ends up down everyone’s new jumper. 

The best way to deal with unpaid role you find yourself in? In your favourite pieces from the Pet & Country Store!


Apart from the clearance event we also have 40% off our current season stock.  You can shop online or instore.  

Our new store can be found at:

38-44 Main Street


BT53 6AP

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