Pet Supplements and When to Use Them


We love to see our besties as their healthy and happy selves,  drool and all! Supplements can make sure they have a diet that can keep up with their busy play schedules. Or if your dog has been struggling with nervousness or digestion, they can provide a tailored pick me up from trusted brands!

Keeping up With Your Pup

Growing pups are no walk in the park and these balls of energy need a diet that can keep up with them, even if we can’t. Supplements can support their developing and active joints throughout growth, improving their mobility and easing any growing pains. Digestion and kidney health can be maintained, and skin and coat condition perfected to keep them looking and feeling their best. 


A Natural option from Denes Greelleaf Tablets contains nettle leaf and parsley extract for a herbal supplement that cares for general well being, while Lintbells YuMove active dog is packed with extra antioxidants and top strength VitaEase Green Lipped Mussel designed for growing dogs and improving athletic performance. Vet IQ Kalsi-Um provides calcium and phosphorous, to help for bone formation and strength. 



Get Back to Bounding

If your dog is looking and feeling their age a little more than usual (we know the feeling), give them the helping hand they need. Vet IQ’s Senior Care and Arthriti-Um Advanced Supplements have been specially formulated for older dogs who are showing signs of slowing down, fatigue and sluggishness. Lintbells YuMove is the UK’s #1 veterinary joint supplement and can soothe stiffness, support long-term joint health and promote mobility. Who says these old gems can’t learn new tricks! 

Take a Chill Pill

Doggy yoga sounds like a great way to bring some calmness and serenity into your pup’s life, but if your dog is still down there might be another way to avoid unnecessary agitation, aggression or nervousness. Vet IQ’s Serene-Um calming tablets and Serene- Um calming drops and Lintbells YuCalm can provide relieve anxieties and hyperactivity. Turning nervous travellers and excessive barkers  into content and relaxed pooches. Namaste to that!

This Pup is Pooped

It’s no fun for them, it’s even less fun for you. Digestive problems like excessive wind and irritable bowels can effect overall health and even appetite. Lintbells YuDigest and Yudigest plus supplements have a unique complex of prebiotic and probiotic bacteria developed to support and regulate digestive health. Vet IQ Stool Firm Tablets use Pectin and Pumpkin to firm stools in puppies and dogs. Lovely!

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