Snoopy’s Visit to the Pet & Country Store

This is Snoopy. She’s an adorable little schnauzer puppy who is 12 weeks old and paid a visit to the

Pet & Country Store in Ballymoney at the weekend.


Snoopy had a good old rummage and sniff around the store, trying out strollers, cribs and lounging on a particularly glamorous day bed, before becoming a little overwhelmed by it all and falling asleep in the cutest Ibiyaya Crib.

The Rogz bed was another favourite with Snoopy; it’s a great size for sprawling comfortably and a cheery colour, there are plenty of other colours available in the range.

The Ibiyaya Day Bed gets great brownie points for glamour but also features a super-plush cushion for Snoopy to get comfy on. We can’t help but think that this is the pic that Snoopy looks most relaxed in!

The Ibiyaya Collapsible Travelling Hand Carrier is great for transporting Snoopy from house to car, to vet appointments and even just as another snooze spot if left open at home. There are plenty of openings for light and air so that Snoopy can still see what’s going on around her, as all curious little puppys like to see!

The Ibiyaya Multifunctional Pet Stroller 5 in 1 is a fabulous piece of kit for a puppy to get outside and have a sniff of the fresh air in before the vaccination schedule is complete.


This transport system is also great for pets that have had surgery, have arthritis or other mobility problems, allowing them to be stimulated by the outside environment without harming themselves from over-exertion.


It’s also great for you folks in busy cities to transport your pet through the crowded streets to get you to the park where you can set down and get their 4 paws on the ground safely.


Exercise is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of your pet’s care but the Ibiyaya system can be of assistance, from lending a helping hand, to being invaluable in your pet’s outdoor routine, depending on your pet’s needs.


And finally! How cute does little Snoopy look in her Insect Shield reversible Sling Pet Carrier?


This item is available in-store only and protects its ‘passenger’ from Insect bites from ticks, fleas and other nasties whilst keeping them close to you and out of harm’s way when necessary.


The online Insect Shield range includes bandanas, tanks,  car seat and boot covers to protect your pets from lime disease contracted from a tick bite as well as the simple discomfort of a bite from other insects.


Shop the complete Insect Shield range here to protect your pet today.


Further details on the Insect Shield range are available in this past Blog Post,  just another shameless excuse to pour over photos of cute dogs in gorgeous

Pet & Country accessories!

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