Summer Pet Care is a Breeze at Pet & Country!

Summer should be a fun time for both you and your pet. It’s a great excuse for longer walks, lazy garden days and a bit of swimming too. Here are some tips from the Pet & Country Team to help your little friend keep cool and comfortable so that you can both enjoy the longer days together.

Bathing Your Pet

Bathing your pets during the Summer months is important to keep them comfortable and cool. Using a pet shampoo will remove excess oils and other clogging factors from the hair, and skin will be able to breathe. If you don’t bathe your pet, these clogging factors can cause them to overheat and struggle to regulate their body temperature. Pet & Country offer a wide range of pet shampoos and conditioners to suit every type of coat, including Nature’s Groom, Espree, Earthbath, Bobbi Panter and so many more. Have a browse through the full range HERE.

Female hands washing small cat with soap

Shampoos formulated specifically for cats are available at Pet & Country, the wonderfully named Smelly Cat Shampoo from the Bobbi Panter range eliminates and neutralises odours whilst degreasing with Vegetable Extract, Oat Protein, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera Gel, Lavender Oil and Rosemary. The the clever water-free Earthbath Hypo-Allergenic Cat Foam ensures a gentle kitty-cleanse without the hassles inherent to traditional water-based bathing. 

Protecting Your Pet from Ticks, Fleas & Other Insects

20% Off Insect Shield During the Month of July

Fleas, ticks and other insects are problematic for pets in the summer. At Pet & Country we have an excellent range of safe and effective flea-repellent products. Insect Shield combines a blend of flea-fighting oils within fabric. The oils are impossible to remove, odourless and safe for all the family, even babies. Be sure to check out the car seat covers, which not only protect your pet, but your car too. 

When you worry about your pets being bothered by pesky insects, being able to easily slip on a repellent cover-up gives great peace of mind. Insect Shield is proven to effectively repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, fleas, flies and midges. This stylish and convenient range offers effective insect protection coming into the Summer months when your pets are most vulnerable. 

The range includes a trendy Neck Bandana, a Breathable Mesh Tank (Jacket), a Neck Gaiter, fleece blanket, bed, safety vest, car seat and car boot covers and even a playpen, all made from the Insect Shield fabric. This lightweight, breathable fabric is perfect for pets to wear during warmer weather, whilst benefitting from the invisible, odourless protection.

Whilst the tees are infused with Insect Shield technology, they do not smell or feel unusual. They can be washed and worn again, the insect repellent technology does not wear off when washed.

Benefits – 

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Odourless
  • Washable
  • Cool design
  • 2 colours to choose from
  • Good range of sizes
  • Soft, meaning little legs don’t get chafed
  • They work! Not a bite in sight!

Prices for the Insect Shield range start at £6.79 for the bandana, which comes in both ‘Fern’ (green) and ‘Carrot’ (orange) colours.


Shop the full range of Insect Shield clothing and accessories for your dog this Summer HERE.

Caring for your Pet's Paws

During the summer, the pavements will get hotter and as most of a dog’s sweat glands are in his feet, it is important to clip out hair between their toes. This allows them to sweat and reduces the instance of sand, seeds, grass and dirt clogging up in the toes and pads causing unnecessary discomfort. 

If you notice your pooch’s pads and nose getting dry because of the heat and sunlight, be sure to use a pet-friendly moisturiser, such as Pet Therapy Nose & Paw Balm or Wildwash Healing Paw Balm to avoid cracked, sore skin.

Keep the nails trimmed. Long nails can catch and rip out, especially when your dog is more active outdoors. Use a high-quality nail clipper to avoid the nails splitting during cutting.

Ear Care

Keep your dog’s ears clean, especially if he loves swimming. Damp, dark, warm ears make for the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and this is encouraged by Summer temperatures. Clean ears with a proper pet ear cleaning solution. After swimming, dry the ears using a clean cloth, then clean with ear cleaner. By doing this, you will help reduce bacteria which can result in ear infections, parasites and irritations. Shop the whole Pet & Country Ear Care range HERE!

Keeping Cool

As the temperature rises it’s important that your dog can easily stay cool and comfortable. The FouFIT Cooling Collars are clever little gel-filled neck scarves, which when run under cold water cool right down to keep your dog chilled for hours. They look pretty cute too! Shop the cooling collar HERE.

The Cool Pup Cooling Popsicle Dog Toy looks and smells like frozen treats, and feels just as refreshing! 

  • Use as a regular toy, or fill with water and freeze, for a cooling toy
  • Dogs enjoy the cool water from small holes on the front 
  • Especially good for teething puppies
  • Fun scented with fruit flavours

 Shop the popsicle HERE!

Water Safety

Always keep a close eye on your pet when they’re in or near the water. Even if your dog is a strong swimmer they could run into difficulties. A doggie life preserver gives you the confidence that your dog will not get into trouble if he tires. It could prove to be an excellent investment for his safety.  Have a look at the video, below, illustrating the features and benefits of the Guardian Gear Pet Preserver or shop the item HERE

Once your dog is cool, clean and cared for he will be able to enjoy those long summer days bounding along by your side in saftey and cool comfort. Have a wonderful Summer, enjoy the good weather and longer days and send us a pic or two of you with your pet sunning yourselves. We would love to hear from you!

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