Zeppelin Post #3

Hello to everyone whose heart has been stolen by Zeppelin. He has that effect on people! The last time we checked in, Zep was only 12 weeks old and was heading to the vet to get his second vaccination. He’s now a huge 17 weeks old, we’ll have to talk in months soon! You can catch up on Zeppelin’s first two blog installments here – Post 1  &  Post 2

So what have we been up to, or more to the point, what has Zeppelin been up to? 

He’s been busy getting groomed, exploring the beautiful North Coast, making friends at the park & beach and getting a little too close to nature in the fields. Yes, cow poo! Yuk!


When Zeppelin was 15 weeks old I took him to get fully groomed. I would like to be able to groom him myself eventually,  but to start with we have been exploring hand stripping. My groomer was happy to teach me the technique and get me started with some great products. I was worried that Zeppelin would find it painful and didn’t want him to be in discomfort, but he was an absolute angel. In fact he was so happy he kept wafting our faces with his wagging tail! We  washed him afterwards in Nature’s Groom Chamomile Shampoo, soothing to his skin which can get irritated during the stripping process. I was also shown how to clean and pluck his ears and cut his nails.

Zeppelin was delighted to meet Rosie, another Giant Schnauzer Puppy, at the beach (above). They enjoyed a good old sandy tumble in the sunshine and were quite difficult to tell apart!

We have been continuing with Zeppelin’s training and are due to take his first puppy exam tomorrow evening. I think we are more worried about it than he is! We’ve  recently taught him ‘FETCH’ which he is absolutely loving, especially with the new Rogz ‘Lighthouse’ toy which is easy to throw and will always float upright in water. It’s equally good for throwing at the park. (See video below).

Oh yes….! I did mention that Zep has had some ‘delightful’ encounters with nature, involving cow poop! We live on a farm, and he has become obsessed with poo! Frequent baths are a must and one day after a ‘Great Escape’, he returned absolutely filthy! Now as he is still learning and he came back very obediently when called, I couldn’t be cross with him! So after lots of “Good Boy! Who’s a clever boy!” and other such fuss, he was in his crate …to avoid getting poo on the sofas! I bathed him with Natures Groom Whiffy Dog (Tea Tree) which did a great job of making him smell a lot more fragrant and fresh! Shop the full Nature’s Groom range here.

I also picked up a bottle of Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive  which not only helps give him fresh breath, but will also help to keep plaque at bay.

Have a look at the Tropiclean range of hygiene and supplement products here.

So what has been the hardest part of being Zeppelin’s Mummy since the last blog? Definitely remembering that although he is already quite a big boy, he is only 4 months old. I’m constantly reminding myself that he is still a baby! When he is jumping up, or having a ‘zoomies’ moment (where he runs around hyper, barking and growling at nothing, knocking everything and everyone flying), or pulling on his lead because he has spotted another dog 200 meters away, or stealing socks and chasing my feet…. HE IS ONLY A BABY! He needs time, love and attention to help him understand what is good and bad behaviour. 

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